This site contains links to resources I have been gathering over the years at the University of South Carolina. I am simplifying the site to make it more useful to me and my current areas of interest. Currently, my focus is on topics related to instructional support, educational technology, and accessibility of instructional materials. The topics related to those areas are the ones at the top of the navigation menu; they are the ones I will be working on first.

Currently, I am putting my working outline of new topics and subtopics on the Table of Contents page. I will be keeping the ABC page, which is an alphabetical list of the old topics and subtopics, as it is for now. Also note that you will see many pages with the the original content at the bottom of the screen. I will eventually incorporate some of those links into the new pages, delete pages that are no longer relevant, and hope to end up with a much simpler and more useful (and more attractive) site when I am done.

Thank you,
Susan Warren Quinn

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This is my wikispace where you can find the resource lists I have made over the years. I am still cleaning up and posting the lists as I need them, and I plan to continue to update them regularly.

Click on ABC in the navigation menu to see an alphabetical list of all the lists that are currently available.

Thank you,

Susan Warren Quinn



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“If we teach today’s students as we taught yesterday’s, we rob them of tomorrow.” - John Dewey

How to get to my office
If you are familiar with the tunnel under Assembly St that goes between the Law Center parking lot on the Main St. side and the new Darla Moore building on the other side, we are in the middle of the two staircases on the way to the tunnel. You can also get here by using the elevator inside the Law Center by their lobby. The lobby is on level 1 and we are S-1. (There is also a stairwell to the right of the elevator.)

Area where I try things!

A Google A Day http://www.agoogleaday.com/ (Actually, there are three questions a day) They give you the question and a window to search in Google for the answer. There is a timer counting down, so you need to be efficient!

"The biggest barriers people with disabilities encounter are other people." from http://www.disabled-world.com/disability/awareness/

Please note that my goal is to use as many free tools as possible. Many programs and apps have a free version with limited features in addition to their fee-based versions. Often the free version will meet your needs; you'll probably want to to try it first. Even commercial products may have special pricing for educators. Always look around the download site or contact the publisher before you purchase a tool. - SWQ

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