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Note: This page is typical of an area I use in the Blackboard class sites.. The advantage of putting materials there is that I can also link to little movie clips and articles that I might share in a face-to-face class. If I refer to a link to copyrighted materials on this page, the links will not work.

Introduction to this area
This area contains links to handouts, short video clips, and other training materials that you might use to complete some of the activities in this course. It also includes links to some of the technology tools demonstrated in the units. Hopefully many of them will be helpful for other projects in other classes, too.

The area begins with links to programs that have multiple features that you may need to use. The remainder of the area has links to demonstrations of tools or specific features of a tool that we work with within the course topics (units). These are listed in alphabetical order. Other links may be added during the semester as questions arise, so check back from time-to-time!

Please note that the web site of the Instructional Support office at the College of Education also has a collection of training materials in the How To Guides web page which is currently available at http://gamecockwardlaw.wikispaces.com/Technology+Tools The new site will be at http://coesupportservices.wikispaces.com/techtools You may want to visit this site for additional information about using various technology tools.

= Blackboard
= Blackboard Demos [Content Collection and E-Portfolios]
= iTunes and iTunes U - not currently being used
= Media Players
= Open Office - not currently being used
= University E-Mail
= Virus/Malware Protection and Other Security Tools
= Web Browsers
= Wikispaces - not currently being used

Demos of Programs and Specific Features in these (mostly free) Tools

Auto Summarize Feature in Microsoft Word (demo)
(EDET 603) In Course Topics -> Productivity -> Word Processing & Desktop Publishing
(EDEX 523) In Course Topics -> Learning Disabilities

Audacity - Capture and Edit Audio (demo)
This demo, which is in the Multimedia Unit of EDET 603, will help you do one of the module activities, but Audacity is a great free tool that you will want to learn to use for many other projects.

GIF Works (demo)
(EDET 603) In Course Topics -> Multimedia -> Graphic Images & Animations

Google Tools (demo)

(EDET 603) In Course Topics -> Productivity -> Productivity Tools

Microsoft Paint - Do Basic Image Editing and Drawing (demo)
This demo, which is in the Multimedia Unit in EDET 603, may help with one of the activities in that course. You can do some basic image editing with this program, which comes with Windows.

Microsoft Paint - Resize a Graphic Image
Many of you will want to include a picture in one of the Introduction Activities that I include in every course, and the image may need resizing. This handout might also be helpful for other activities in this class and at other times.

NCES - National Center for Educational Statistics (demo)

(EDET 603) In Course Topics -> Sharing -> Research

Sound Recorder - Capture and Edit Audio (demo)
This demo, which is in the Multimedia Unit of EDET 603, may help you do one of the module activities in that class. Please note that this program, which comes with the Windows operating system, is extremely limited.

Survey Monkey (demo)

(EDET 603) In Course Topics -> Sharing -> Research

VisCheck (demo)
(EDET 603) In Course Topics -> Sharing -> Web Authoring
(EDEX 523) In Course Topics -> Visual Impairments