Social Studies

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Seriously Amazing - Questions come alive at the Smithsonian seriouslyamazing.si.edu/

Barefoot World Atlas (iOS only, $4.99) http://barefootworldatlas.com/
- (review) Barefoot World Atlas https://www.commonsensemedia.org/app-reviews/barefoot-world-atlas#

HIP (History In your Pocket)
This site, by the US Mint, provides information and activities about money geared toward children. It's interesting and fun for adults, too!

Interactives – Statistics
This activity teaches about things like random sampling through an election theme.

Interactives – US History Map

Focus on Social Studies

Smithsonian Institute
http://www.si.edu/exhibitions The Smithsonian offers content (K-12) on a number of topics. Each topic has a section for Learning Resources, e.g. “America on the Move” gives information for teachers and parents. They can use the lesson and activity plans to teach children more about transportation in American history. This is a dynamic site.

A More Perfect Union: Japanese Americans and The United States Constitution
This site concerns Japanese Americans and the US Constitution. While there is much text to read, there is also a section with a photo history.

Educational Simulations: Real Lives
A tool that allows users to simulate a person’s life in numerous countries.

National Geographic Society
This is the Web site of the National Geographic Society. Using the Search box, a number of tutorials can be located particularly on history or geography

Virtual Tours of the US Government

Virtual Tours of the World

Virtual Tours of Museums, Exhibits and Points of Special Interest

Learning Geography with Multimedia Materials
“This article includes implementation strategies and resources to make learning geography more accessible to all students.”
NOTE: The five themes of geography learning as endorsed by the National Geographic Society are location, place, human environment interactions, movement, and regions.

Learning History with Multimedia Materials
"Inquiry-based instruction emphasizes learning how to be a historian, learning to evaluate, corroborate, and synthesize multiple conflicting sources. Digital multimedia materials make the exploration of multiple sources more accessible to students with special needs. In this article, find practical resources and strategies for incorporating digital materials into inquiry-based history instruction."

Aesthetics Teaching Resources
“This site is sponsored by the American Society for Aesthetics at Marquette University in Milwaukee, WI. The emphasis is to provide teaching resources for the subject of aesthetics particularly as it relates to other subjects such as history, culture, and science.”

Flags from Around the World
“Flag images from The World Factbook, prepared by the Central Intelligence Agency
Large images of the flags of 254 countries, with descriptions and explanations.”

Encyclopedia of the Nations

Countries and Their Cultures

Encyclopedia of Children and Childhood in History and Society

Profiles of U.S. Presidents