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Carolina Alert www.sc.edu/carolinaalert/
Hazard Notices www.sc.edu/uofsc/announcements/2014/winter_weather.php#.Uukib_ldWSo
USC Weather Alerts www.sc.edu/uofsc/weather/


Training and Professional Development http://www.sc.edu/about/offices_and_divisions/human_resources/professional_development/index.php
HR Training Calendar https://reg.abcsignup.com/view/view_month.aspx?as=23&wp=253&aid=USCPD

UTS GATEWAY https://live.sharepoint.sc.edu/uts/Gateway/Pages/Home.aspx

(USC campus building) 2010 Master Plan (PDF) http://www.facilities.sc.edu/downloads/master-plan.pdf

Getting here can be an adventure if you aren’t familiar with the area. You can go inside the lobby of the building and use the elevator or stairs near the Law School Admissions Office on the first floor (Room 105). If you are familiar with the tunnel that goes under Assembly Street between the Law School and the new business school/old coliseum, you can get to us from outside, too. Use the steps outside between the parking lot and the tunnel (there are also two outside elevators now) and go to the middle level of the outdoor stairway to Sub-Level 1.

SWQ Contacts https://docs.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?key=0AuSr_c0ZjweUcEFNTzk0V0pUODk5ZzBDUi0tSTRlYlE&usp=drive_web#gid=4
Mike Brown =. AIM or Skype = On both I’m neakarkhada.

(USC campus rec for staff)
Get out and about right here on campus http://www.sc.edu/uofsc/announcements/posts/2016/05/campus_offers_faculty_staff_many_summertime_adventures.php#.V02YiI-cEdU

Inaugural New Faculty Academy Class Recognized http://www.sc.edu/about/offices_and_divisions/cte/about/news/2016/nfa_2015-2016-graduates.php


UTS Insider sp.sc.edu/uts/home/SitePages/Home.aspx

UTS Forms and Documents http://uts.sc.edu/support/forms.shtml
NEW Travel Site https://sp.sc.edu/uts/bofc/TM/SitePages/Home.aspx
TRAVEL REQUEST FORM http://uts.sc.edu/forms/UTS_Travel_Request.pdf
TRAVEL REIMBURSEMENT FORM http://uts.sc.edu/forms/UTS_Travel_Reimbursement.pdf

ITS Tracker http://www.sc.edu/tracker


Here are a couple other ways of contacting Jodie Morris or someone else at the Registrar’s Office to let you submit your grades:
Jodie’s e-mail address is jodiem (at) mailbox.sc.edu
They also have an online contact form:
I suspect that multiple people check the online contact form – especially this time of year – so it is a good idea to do that form in case Jodie is out of the office.

Parts of Term Dates https://my.sc.edu/codes/partofterms/index

Carolina Dining [USC] http://www.sc.edu/dining/
- Map http://www.sc.edu/dining/documents/map.pdf
- Second Servings [USC <-> local shelters] http://www.sc.edu/dining/sustainability/servings.html

Gamecock Pantry www.sa.sc.edu/sg/gamecockpantry/

McCutchen House hrsm.sc.edu/McCutchen-house/lunch.html

Russell House Event Services www.sa.sc.edu/rhuu/events/

Wardlaw Calendar of Classrooms [change room & month] www.ed.sc.edu/vueminder/274-D/2014_03.html

UofSC Today
- Top Stories http://www.sc.edu/uofsc/stories/2014/index.php
- In the News http://sc.edu/uofsc/in_the_news/index.php
- Archive (by date) http://us6.campaign-archive2.com/home/u=ebb37e48613d768e81a2b874a&id=fb5e576816

My Google Sites

Help Desk: Class Sites (AKA Blackboard)

Help Desk: Collaborating

Help Desk: Portfolio

Help Desk: Web Pages

Help Desk: Adobe Connect

Healthy lifestyle necessitates mental wellness [USC Student Health Services] http://www.dailygamecock.com/article/2016/02/healthy-lifestyle-necessitates-mental-wellness

USC Online Training (SkillPort) hr.sc.edu/profdevp/skillport.html

It's getting hot out here: A look at heat on campus and how we stay cool http://www.sc.edu/uofsc/posts/2016/06/how_we_keep_campus_cool_in_famously_hot_columbia.php#.V2k_d7grLIU

Carolina Alert http://www.sc.edu/carolinaalert/
Emergency = 911
Non-emrgency USC Police 803-777-4215

USC Student Success Center __http://www.sa.sc.edu/ssc/__
- Success Connect: Early Alert & Intervention: __http://www.sa.sc.edu/ssc/intervention/__
- Academic Coaching & Engagement __http://www.sa.sc.edu/ssc/acecoaching/__
- Peer Tutoring __http://www.sa.sc.edu/ssc/peertutoring/__

2013-2014 Undergraduate Studies Bulletin __http://bulletin.sc.edu/index.php?catoid=63__
2013-2014 Graduate Studies Bulletin http://bulletin.sc.edu/index.php?catoid=62

Counseling & Human Development Center __http://www.sa.sc.edu/shs/chdc/__

- After Hours Care http://www.sa.sc.edu/shs/afterhours/

- Sexual Assault and Violence Intervention & Prevention (SAVIP) __http://www.sa.sc.edu/shs/savip/__

---- Anonymous Interpersonal Violence Report Form __http://www.sa.sc.edu/shs/savip/asarf/__
International Student Services __http://www.iss.sc.edu/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=11&Itemid=339__

Student Disabilities Services http://www.sa.sc.edu/sds/

Veteran Support __http://www.sa.sc.edu/ssc/tsspsupport/veteran-support/__

Undergraduate Research __http://www.sc.edu/our/__

__University Libraries__ - Research Resources http://library.sc.edu/p/Research

Academic Integrity __http://www.housing.sc.edu/academicintegrity/__
- Incident Report __https://publicdocs.maxient.com/incidentreport.php?UnivofSouthCarolina__

Writing Center __http://artsandsciences.sc.edu/write/__

Career Center __http://www.sc.edu/career/__

Digital Archives of The Gamecock (Columbia, S.C.) Newspaper http://sc-newspapers.sc.edu/

University Libraries - Digital Collections

Search this month's issue of USC Times to learn how the University Advisement Center helps students find their paths and how some of our colleagues got where they are today and the passions that fill their "spare" time. https://issuu.com/uofsc/docs/april_usc_times_2016


College of Education
Instructional Support (Classrooms and Equipment)
Facilities / Building Care
Human Resources / Payroll
About USC

Emergency Dial 911
Law Enforcement & Safety (USC Police Department)
7-4215 ( from cell phone or off campus)
Counseling and Human Development Center
7-5223 ( from cell phone or off campus)
After Hours Emergencies: Palmetto Health’s 24 Hour Call Center: 434-4813


USC www.sc.edu

Emergency Contacts & Links (Behavioral Intervention Team) http://www.housing.sc.edu/bit/resources.html

Carolina Alert http://www.sc.edu/carolinaalert/
"Your one-stop emergency information source"

The Daily Gamecock (student newspaper)http://dailygamecock.com

Revised University Logo and Stationery System

Carolina Dining Services

Campus Food - near University of South Carolina


College of Education http://www.ed.sc.edu

@ Wardlaw [online newsletter]



I no longer work in the College of Education, but this question has come up numerous times over the years. The third assessment can be taken multiple times, although the questions may come up in a different order. The suggestion I have given others is to open the assessment in one window and the EEDA site in a second window. The purpose of the assessment is to have you know about the information in the EEDA legislation; it’s not to test if you can memorize things. There is nothing in the instructions that say you cannot look up the answers to the questions as you take the assessment.Best wishes,


COE Support Services http://coesupportservices.wikispaces.com/home (currently Gamecock Wardlaw at http://gamecockwardlaw.wikispaces.com/home) Official site is at http://www.ed.sc.edu/ois

Wardlaw Help Desk http://wardlawhelpdesk.wikispaces.com/home (currently at http://gamecockwardlaw.wikispaces.com/Wardlaw+Help+Desk)

Employee Information http://wardlawhelpdesk.wikispaces.com/employeeinfo (currently at http://gamecockwardlaw.wikispaces.com/Info+for+Employees)

A-Z 0-9 Resource List http://wardlawhelpdesk.wikispaces.com/AZ09 (currently at
http://gamecockwardlaw.wikispaces.com/LiveBinderAZ09 )

Resource 25 - Classroom Availability Graph http://registrar.sc.edu/html/reports/roomUse/r25.asp

USC Classroom Equipment and Location Search

- Special classroom AV needs or conference support


COE Support Services http://coesupportservices.wikispaces.com/home (currently Gamecock Wardlaw at http://gamecockwardlaw.wikispaces.com/home) Official site is at http://www.ed.sc.edu/ois

Wardlaw Help Desk http://wardlawhelpdesk.wikispaces.com/home (currently at http://gamecockwardlaw.wikispaces.com/Wardlaw+Help+Desk)

Employee Information http://wardlawhelpdesk.wikispaces.com/employeeinfo (currently at http://gamecockwardlaw.wikispaces.com/Info+for+Employees)

A-Z 0-9 Resource List http://wardlawhelpdesk.wikispaces.com/AZ09 (currently at
http://gamecockwardlaw.wikispaces.com/LiveBinderAZ09 )

Marquee Projects
- Wardlaw Room =

Intranet - Facilities http://intranet.ed.sc.edu/facilities/


Video Archive [Center for Teaching Excellence (CTE)]
Videos of seminars, colloquia, and other events sponsored by the [CTE] can be viewed here.”


About the…
UTS Help Desk http://www.uts.sc.edu/itbulletin/comments.php?id=1491_0_1_0_C
iCARE Center http://www.uts.sc.edu/itbulletin/comments.php?id=1492_0_1_0_C
Teaching and Technology Services http://www.uts.sc.edu/itbulletin/comments.php?id=1498_0_1_0_C
Distance Education http://www.uts.sc.edu/itbulletin/comments.php?id=1495_0_1_0_C

Wireless @ USC

Multimedia Classrooms (levels 1 and 3) http://www.sc.edu/library/classrooms.html
- Contact: Roberta Taylor

"Cooper Technology Lounge" (level 5) http://www.sc.edu/library/complab.html
- Policies http://www.sc.edu/library/labpol.html
- Hardware and Software http://www.sc.edu/library/equip.html
- FAQs http://www.sc.edu/library/faqs.html
- Faculty Software Requests "Faculty can request that software for classes be installed on the computers in the lab. For more information contact the lab manager (777-5610)."

We can use the portable unit ( in a pinch, but we would prefer to use our newer, built-in unit in Wardlaw Room 274-N. The IP address for this unit is
The phone number here is 803-777-4475external image call_skype_logo.png803-777-4475.

Outlook Live@edu (at University of SC)
"Outlook Live@edu is the new student email account. Outlook Live@edu provides students with a free 10GB email account, 25GB online storage solution, collaboration, blogging, photo sharing, Instant messaging tools and much more!"

New Student Email System (at University of SC)

My Junk Box - https://myspam.mail.sc.edu/junkbox_user_mail.html


Holiday Schedule - 2012 http://hr.sc.edu/benefits/holidays2012.html

Calendars http://registrar.sc.edu/html/calendar/ Includes 5-year academic calendar and final exam schedules.

Academic Calendars (five years) http://registrar.sc.edu/html/calendar5yr/5YrCalendar2.stm

Forms and Documents http://hr.sc.edu/forms.html
- HR Forms http://hr.sc.edu/forms.html
- PBP-3 (pdf) http://www.sc.edu/financialaid/eforms/PBP-3.pdf

ITAMS [must use IE...] https://itams.csd.sc.edu/

USC Employment Opportunities https://uscjobs.sc.edu/applicants/jsp/shared/frameset/Frameset.jsp?time=1327944473875


Forms and Supply http://www.fsioffice.com/
For AV and computer equipment parts, replace lamps for projectors, see Equipment

State Contracts - Procurement Services

Agency Users - Information Technology Statewide Contracts

Agency Users - Goods and Services Statewide Contracts

USC Technology Purchases

SC Procurement Services www.mmo.sc.gov/PS/PS-index.phtm

SC Agency Users - Information Technology Statewide Contracts www.mmo.sc.gov/PS/agency/PS-agency-info-technology.phtm

(You can also get to this from USC Purchasing Department -> Contracts -> Information Technology Management Office Contracts)

Scroll to “Output Devices” for printers.

The person who I talk to at USC Purchasing is Dennis Gallman. He is the procurement officer in charge of technology purchases for the University. He can be reached at 777-4115. He can walk you through any of the contract information on the web site. He can also help find a vendor and give you all the rules for purchasing off contract if the large format printer we might want is not on one of the contracts.


Accounting Services Intranet

Accounting Services Intranet https://web.admin.sc.edu/


The Parents Calendar and Handbook 2009-2010 (PDF) http://www.sa.sc.edu/parents/docs/ParentsCalendarandHandbook2009-10.pdf

Academic Program Development www.sc.edu/provost/acadprog
“All of the resources needed to create, develop and change academic programs and courses are now available to faculty and staff through a single website.”

Forms - USC Registrar http://registrar.sc.edu/html/forms/forms.stm


University of South Carolina Fact Books (1994-2004)
“Annually, the Office of Institutional Planning and Assessment (IPA) at the University of South Carolina publishes an electronic fact book and a printed mini-fact book.”

(book) A History of The University of South Carolina by Henry H. Lesesne
http://books.google.com/books?id=4jC9kZwV3fEC&dq=a history of the university of south carolina by henry h lesesne&pg=PP1&ots=N2KYl6XU4u&sig=OR2c_VR427QdMFkZPQ2JLGheAPM&hl=en&prev=http://www.google.com/search?q=A History of the University of South Carolina by Henry H. Lesesne&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&rls=org.mozilla:en-US:official&client=firefox-a&sa=X&oi=print&ct=title&cad=one-book-with-thumbnail

A History of the University of South Carolina [wikipedia]